Leadership & Mentoring Academy

In 2008, the 100 created the Leadership and Mentoring Academy (LMA), formally YMMI to address the need for mentoring. Our mentoring program promotes goal setting, positive decision making, career exploration, high school graduation, and post-secondary education for males in grades 6th through 12th

Because of the continued need for mentoring in Omaha, the LMA’s One-to-One mentoring was expanded to include 6th  7th  and 8th grade; a group mentoring component was also added to the 100 Saturday Academy.  Mentors and volunteers attend 100 Saturday Academy sessions to work with students, and to serve as positive role models. This has a positive impact on our students’ self-esteem, helping them to become Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Lead.

Mentees spent one-to-one time with their mentors and also participate in a series of two-hour group mentoring Saturday workshops. Monthly workshops include Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, SAT/ACT Prep, Developing Employability Skills, STD Awareness and Healthy Relationships.  Workshops are facilitated by educators, celebrities and leaders across many industries and professions.

Many of our mentees volunteer at the 100 Saturday Academy and other community service projects. Mentees are provided job opportunities during the school year and summer and also participate at 100BMO Men of Honor Annual Gala.

 Additionally, mentees are provided an array of cultural and community enrichment events such as the following:

Annual Striving for Success Summit (September 2015)

In collaboration with the Urban League of Nebraska and the Empowerment Network, we held our annual summit for incoming African American high school freshmen.  Students were made aware of the challenges and negative statistics they are faced with. Throughout the day-long summit, students were provided tools and resources to assist them in overcoming these adversities. The goal of the summit was to help set students on a pathway to success with empowering conversations talk, and inspiring messages. Over 200 students attended the event at Mid America Center, Council Bluffs, IA. 40 plus African American men presented and engaged the youth throughout the day and Calvin Mackie, Ph.D. served as the keynote speaker.

Mentoring Works

Studies have shown that children involved with mentors and mentoring programs are

·         46% are less likely to begin using drugs

·         27% are less likely to use alcohol

·         33% are less likely to engage in violence

·         52% are less likely to skip school

If you are interested in being a part of the LMA as a mentee or mentor, please send us your contact information by clicking here. 

2015-2016 LMA School Year Results

During the 2015-2016 school year, 193 mentees participated in our mentoring program. Six of the graduating seniors plan to enroll in post-secondary education or military service and one in the Job Corps Program. Three of the 2016 graduating seniors received four-year academic scholarships. We continue to provide mentoring across a lifetime for these young men.

During the 2015-2016 year, we recruited 75 men from the community to mentor our youth and will continue to recruit throughout the year.

The following parental testimonies speak to these results:

 “OMGOODNESS! This is AWESOME! What an honor! Mr. Hicks attended Sam’s honor roll awards ceremony on Sunday. I am VERY thankful for his support of Sam. He has a picture with him and Sam! He also attended Sam’s All City Music Festival. Sam actually looks forward to seeing him now. Mr. Hicks also helped Sam with his stock options report for school at the library and he took Sam to the African American history museum. He’s a great friend to my son. Thank you.” Raquel W.

“My son Brent has been a part of the Leadership and Mentoring Academy since 2013. Brent has been known by his teachers as a young man of few words. He struggled with his core classes which affected his GPA. He wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do after graduation. Through the Leadership and Mentoring Academy, Brent met many positive role models, and a lot of them were born and raised right here in Omaha. They told Brent about their own personal struggles and stories and the positive results of their hard work and dedication. This inspired Brent to think about his own life and what he wanted to do. Brent also attended many workshops that included ACT testing, budgeting, and even job shadowing which helped him look further into various careers. One of Brent’s favorite activities was helping out with the Annual Men of Honor Gala. Brent could not stop talking about the competitions that the young men participated in as well as all of the successful men he met at the galas he attended. Brent’s first job was selling fireworks for the 100 Black Men of Omaha Fireworks Stand and he was thrilled to receive his first taste of monetary compensation in return for his own hard work. I am proud to say that Brent ended his senior year with a 3.4 GPA and recently enrolled in Iowa Western Community College to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Brent was able to share these successes when he was offered to speak in front of hundreds of individuals at the most recent 20th Anniversary Celebration & Men of Honor Gala. I am very grateful to have seen the accomplishments and progress Brent has made based on the impact that the Leadership and Mentoring Academy has had on his life. I hope to see this program expand and continue to grow so others can take part of the successes offered through Leadership and Mentoring Academy.” Andrea W.

“My son’s first introduction to the 100 Black Men, was back in 2009-10, when he participated in the 100 Saturday Academy program.  He enjoyed the activities and meeting other boys his age.  We later relocated out of town, but upon returning to Omaha I wanted him in the program again.  He was a 7th grader and was too old for the 100 Saturday Academy program and too young for the LMA.  His mentor, Rick thought that he would be a great addition to the LMA and after completing the application, Cayden was accepted as a junior high student. He has thoroughly enjoyed the programming, activities, and meeting with his mentor.  The 100BMO has also provided guidance and opportunities for Cayden to take part in other mentoring activities and programs they offer.  I am proud to have an honor roll student, who truly enjoys school and learning.  I believe the LMA program provides Cayden additional outlets to explore and learn as he matures into a young man. Thanks for the opportunities.”  Monique C.



Bill Alexander John Ewing Jr with YMMI Creighton

YMMI Workshop Dr Montegut Nov 16 2013