The program purpose is to increase the understanding of entrepreneurship and career readiness for inter-city youth. Our Pathways to Success (PTS) program provides participants with a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and career essentials in corporate culture.

Topics include: basic finance, entrepreneurship basics, career readiness, network and
relationship building, and career exploration. Adopted from the PTS program associated with 100 Black Men of America, the Omaha chapter has modified this program to best-fit Omaha metro schools. Upon graduation at the end of the school year, students are rewarded with a stipend for their participation in the program. Additionally, students are required to give a presentation on what they learned and how they can implement the tools and knowledge gained. Students are excited and motivated to attend because they have African-American role models in their midst whom they can identify with and who are also willing to transparently share their own successes and shortcomings on their rise to success. We at the 100 are truly excited about this unique opportunity to stand in the gap for the youth participants, as we can be the extra motivating force to show them that “What They See is What They Will Be.”